So, exactly who is this Klaus person?

An eighth-century Viking who found the secret to immortality in a cup stolen from the monks of Lindisfarne Abbey, Klaus has lived through times of great wonder and sorrow, and centuries of raucous celebration and crushing defeat. He has survived the Spanish Inquisition, the London Plague, a couple of World Wars, and disco.

His story, as told to Glen Naessens, a former MTV Real World cast member (second season, Los Angeles), has since been chronicled by long-time friend and collaborator, writer Christopher Davis. Together, they explore the possibility that Klaus could not only be the historical figure behind the Santa Claus myth, but also a major player in events that shaped history.

Looking for Klaus? He was last seen in Philadelphia along with a cadre of curious little people in an old wooden cart bound for Camden. The current whereabouts of Klaus the Red are unknown.

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